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>FREE< Kale and Coffee : A Renegade's Guide to Hea

Kevin Gianni,: Kale and Coffee : A Renegade's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity

Kale and Coffee : A Renegade's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity


" "Four years ago, when I was something of a YouTube health celebrity, I was on top of the world [and] . . . the diet pyramid. I ate the cleanest, most nutritious diet on the planet (or so I thought). A raw-food vegan diet . . . not only pure in its contents but also pure in its intention. With this type of diet, you eat straight from the earth, only as nature intended. I ate kale salad, raw nut butters, goji berries, raw chocolate, and dehydrated flax crackers. I drank green smoothies, green juice, wheatgrass, and hemp milk. I even tried a fruitarian diet . . . I thought about food from the moment I woke up until the second I fell asleep . . . I was an addict in search of the purest dope: raw, vegan, organic food . . . I was headed down a path of self-destruction. So it's not surprising that, like any hardcore addict, I eventually hit rock bottom."" So begins the saga of health blogger Kevin Gianni and his wife, Annmarie, as they travel the world to learn as much as they can about health and nutrition. Along the way they meet unlikely people in unlikely places as Kevin seeks an answer to his burning question: What--and how much--should we eat? Gianni's lighthearted debunking of the hype and nonsense surrounding much of the health and nutrition world today should be encouraging to anyone who's ever tried a fad diet and failed. "Kale and Coffee" is packed with research--delivered in Gianni's warm and humorous voice--but the aim throughout is to empower you to create the diet and lifestyle best suited to you alone. "Kale and Coffee"""offers practical tips for wellness, from testing your body--and pantry--for toxic metals to selecting the healthiest coffee, wines, and green drinks to consume. And don't miss the Kale and Coffee 21-Day Jumpstart to launch you on your own journey of transformation.

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Author: Kevin Gianni,
Number of Pages: 248 pages
Published Date: 21 Jul 2015
Publisher: HAY HOUSE
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781401946173
Download Link: Click Here

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