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[FREE] Healing Light of the Tao : Foundational Pra

Mantak Chia,: Healing Light of the Tao : Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy

Healing Light of the Tao : Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy


In 1983, Mantak Chia introduced the "Microcosmic Orbit" to the West. Prior to that time, most of the Eastern energy practices transmitted to the West were incomplete, dealing only with the ascending yang/masculine channel, which shoots life-force energy up the spine. The Microcosmic Orbit showed practitioners how to establish the descending yin/feminine channel of the life-force energy loop. Within Taoist systems, cultivating feminine energy has always been seen as the key to gaining balance and wholeness. Healing Light of the Taopresents the more advanced methods of chi cultivation in the Microcosmic Orbit, offering a full understanding of Taoist spiritual theory through its comprehensive overview of the complete Taoist body/mind/spirit system. The book also includes more advanced meditation methods for absorbing the higher frequencies of Earth Force, Cosmic Force, and Universal Force (Heavenly chi) into the basic orbit. It establishes a spiritual science that not only emphasizes practical benefits to health, sexual vitality, and emotional balance, but also shows how changes made in the energy body can lead to physical rejuvenation that the Taoists called immortality.

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Author: Mantak Chia,
Number of Pages: 576 pages
Published Date: 07 Jul 2008
Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Publication Country: Rochester, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781594771132
Download Link: Click Here

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